Are there any Indians in Antarctica?

Is there Indian base in Antarctica?

Bharati (Hindi: भारती) is a permanent Antarctic research station commissioned by India. It is India’s third Antarctic research facility and one of two active Indian research stations, alongside Maitri. India’s first committed research facility, Dakshin Gangotri, is being used as a supply base.

How many Indian stations are there in Antarctica?

India owns three research stations in the Antarctic. India has set up three research stations in Antartica, the first being ‘Dakshin Gangotri’ in 1984. Located 2,500 km from the South Pole, the decommissioned station is used as a supply base and transit camp.

Is Antarctica illegal to visit?

No, it is not illegal to go to Antarctica. As you already know by now, no country owns the continent. There is no border control, no immigration officer, no nothing. Anyone can visit the continent.

Who owns the Antarctic?

Antarctica doesn’t belong to anyone. There is no single country that owns Antarctica. Instead, Antarctica is governed by a group of nations in a unique international partnership. The Antarctic Treaty, first signed on December 1, 1959, designates Antarctica as a continent devoted to peace and science.

When did the team of India with 21 members land in Antarctica?

The first Indian expedition to Antarctica — the Indian Antarctic Programme — landed on the ice continent on January 9, 1982, and was a huge geo-political achievement. Thirthy-six years ago, on exactly this day, Indians set their first foot on Antarctic ice.

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