Can we use old bus pass in Bangalore?

Can we use old BMTC bus pass?

Students who are yet to receive their smart cards or renew their previous year’s card are allowed to travel in city buses till July 8 by producing their previous year’s smart card, or producing the fee receipt for the current academic year.

How do I change my BMTC bus pass?

For renewing old passes:

  1. Choose the option to renew old pass online.
  2. Enter details of your previous year’s BMTC smart card.
  3. Enter/edit details like caste/school/standard etc.
  4. Go through the OTP verification process. …
  5. Wait for approval from institution/BMTC.

Is student bus pass allowed in Bangalore?

Bangalore, July 27 (KCU)- Transport Minister R. Ashok has announced that the bus passes issued to school and college students are valid even on Sundays and holidays. … Normally the bus passes are issued in the months of June and July.

How do I renew my BMTC bus pass online?

Bmtc Bus Pass Renewal Process 2021

  1. Visit the official website of MyBmtc Student pass.
  2. Click on Apply student pass renewal option.
  3. After that, you have to fill in some necessary details in the application form.
  4. Your renewal card number is mandatory so keep your pass with you.
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Is BMTC bus pass extended?

Passes that expire on March 31 will be extended until December 31. The pass must be renewed within this period. The decision was taken at a meeting of the Student’s Travel Facility Committee chaired by ADM KK Divakaran. As the colleges open on October 4, new passes will be issued until March 31, 2022.

Can we use student pass on Sunday?

Hitherto, students with concessional passes could avail bus services only on working days. Ashok said students with the passes will also be permitted to travel in Pushpak, Suvarna and JNNURM buses.

How many days will it take to approve BMTC bus pass?

What to do ? The stipulated time to receive the service is of 15 working days from the day of raising the application. …

What is the cost of monthly pass in Bmtc?

BMTC Passes Details

BMTC Passes Details
BMTC ID card 100
3 Ordinary service monthly pass 1050
4 Sr. citizen Ordinary service monthly pass 945
5 Nice Road Monthly Pass 1900

How can I get bus pass online in Bangalore?

Type: PU Board – Apply Directly through e-Form of BMTC

  1. Dial 161 in mobile.
  2. Select Kannada or English language.
  3. Select 6 for BMTC services.
  4. Select 2 for Student passes.
  5. Student pass application will be sent to the student’s mobile through weblink.

How many types of bus passes are there?

Daily bus pass – Rs 150 / day. Monthly bus pass – Rs 2500/month. What is the MAXIMUM number of travel days per month for which purchasing a daily pass would be MORE economical than purchasing a monthly pass?

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How can I check my BMTC bus pass status?

Track bmtc bus pass status

  1. Visit official website of BMTC
  2. On home page click on student pass tab.
  3. After that on new page you will get check bmtc bus pass status option click on that option.
  4. It will ask your application number.