Can you drive to Indian Creek Island?

Is Indian Creek Island gated?

Indian Creek Island is home to 40 or so lots and only around 30 residences. The entire development is private and gated with its own police force and an armed marine patrol that circles the island 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

What famous people live in Indian Creek Island?

Other celebrities who live or have had homes in Indian Creek are: Adriana Lima and billionaire Jeff Soffer, Julio Iglesias and billionaire Carl Icahn.

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Can you drive into Star Island?

You can drive on the road and have a looksee, but you may not enter any property, any driveway or grassy area. It’s a case of LOOK but don’t TOUCH. There are indeed cameras everywhere – both public and private security… so do not take the ban on snooping lightly.

What is the billionaire Bunker?

Indian Creek is a village of about 42 people on a tiny private island in Miami’s Biscayne Bay. Its “Billionaire Bunker” moniker stems from its wildly wealthy and high-profile residents, including billionaire investor Carl Icahn, supermodel Adriana Lima and Spanish singer Julio Iglesias.

How do you get to Indian Creek?

To get to Indian Creek from Monticello, go north on US 191 toward Moab (about 14 miles from Monticello) and look for SH 211, which includes a Canyonlands sign, and go left (west). 211 is a scenic byway that leads to Canyonlands National Park. There are no services available.

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Who lives on Millionaires Row Miami?

Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova

Iglesias and Kournikova live in a 20,000-square-foot home on Millionaire’s Row. The Grammy-award winning “King of Latin Pop” and retired pro tennis player reside in the Bay Point community, one of the most coveted communities in all of South Florida.