Frequent question: Is India more modern than Pakistan?

Is India stronger than Pakistan?

India is more powerful than Pakistan by almost any definition of material power. … India’s economy is more than six times as large as Pakistan’s. It is also much more broadly industrialised, and it includes a defense industrial base that is the largest in the developing world.

Which country cleans India or Pakistan?

Purity and Cleanliness India vs Pakistan

City Pollution Index
Pakistan 73.6
India 79.94
United States 39.79
China 80.61

Who actually won Kargil war?

“During the Kargil War, the gallant soldiers of the Indian Army triumphed over the Pakistani invaders with undaunted courage and determination,” tweeted @adgpi. The 115-second-long video described through captions, along with shots of soldiers, what Indian troops were up against in the terrain of Kargil.

Is India a superpower?

India is considered one of the potential superpowers of the world. … Before it can be considered a superpower, the country must overcome many economic, social, and political problems and it also needs to be as influential on the international stage when compared to the United States, China and the former Soviet Union.

What is India’s world rank?


List INDIA Ranking/Total Countries Notes
Ease of doing business index 63 / 190 2019
Global Competitiveness Index 68 / 141 2019
Index of Economic Freedom 128 / 178 2016
Economic Freedom of the World 95 / 157 2015 – score 6.63
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Can an Indian visit Pakistan?

Indians need a visa to travel to Pakistan. … At present the Pakistan Embassy does not issue Tourist visas. Visas are only granted for visits to family or friends and for official/business purpose. Visitors visas are issued to Indian Nationals to meet relatives, friends or for any other legitimate purpose.

Who is the bravest man in India?

List of 10 Kargil heroes India will always be proud of

  • Rifleman Sanjay Kumar (Param Vir Chakra) (13 JAK Rif) …
  • Major Vivek Gupta (Maha Vir Chakra, Posthumous) (2 Rajputana Rifles) …
  • Captain N Kenguruse (Maha Vir Chakra, Posthumous) (ASC, 2 RAJ RIF) …
  • Lt. …
  • Naik Digendra Kumar (Maha Vir Chakra) (2 RAJ RIF)