Frequent question: Where does Chennai get its water from?

Where does Tamil Nadu get water from?

The major source of water in Tamil Nadu is the North-east and South-west monsoons since it has no perennial rivers. During South West monsoon rains, the Cauvery River in Karnataka dams get filled and the Cauvery River in Tamil Nadu gets water when the rain are high in the catchment areas.

Which areas in Chennai faces water shortages?

Protests erupted over the Chennai government’s lack of action on the issue as water was no longer a basic human right in Chennai. The government also faced pressure on their management of the city’s four main reservoirs; Poondi, Cholavaram, Redhills and Chembarambakkam.

Which area has good water in Chennai?

Guindy, Alandur, Chromepet, Pallavaram and Tambaram have a hard rock aquifer. People sinking borewells in such areas have dug as deep as 700ft to find water. These areas are known as ‘hallow aquifer zones’ which are not capable of yielding much water.

Who built Mullaperiyar dam?

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