How can I lodge a police complaint online Mumbai?

How can I complain to Mumbai police?

The Mumbai Police are kickstarting a website where people needed to file complaints can do so by logging on to Once you file a complaint, the service will send you an SMS reply with the acknowledgment of receipt of the complaint and with an e-complaint number.

Can you complain to police online?

Use an online complaint form. You can complain on your local police website. … Send your complaint form to the police station you are complaining about. Or the IOPC.

How can I email Mumbai police?

Mumbai Police on Twitter: “You can email at… ”

How do I make a complaint online?

10 Effective Ways to Complain About a Company Online

  1. Go to the company website. …
  2. Contact the Better Business Bureau. …
  3. Contact the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). …
  4. Check out the Ripoff Report. …
  5. Email …
  6. Try Yelp. …
  7. Post on Planet Feedback. …
  8. Google your attorney general.

Can I call 101 for advice?

For general enquiries, or wishing to speak with a specific officer, you should call the 101 non-emergency number and press option three.

How do I file a police complaint?

You should include the following information: • Your full name and address. The name of the Police Force you wish to be subject to the investigation. Details of the allegations and complaints you are making together with the outcome you are seeking. For example, specific officers to be disciplined.

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What if police misbehave?

You should send a written complaint to SP of police. If he doesn’t take any action then file a criminal complaint against policemen who did this act. No they can’t take you but this has been given warrant order by court than they can take you tell your father reach at police station time.