How is Georgia for Indian students?

Is studying in Georgia good?

Study in Georgia. Georgia is located at the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe. Georgia is a good study option for students who are interested in a rich cultural experience and the adventure of exploring an interesting nation that continues to balance its relations between Russia and the EU.

Is Georgia good for international students?

Every year, thousands of students travel to study in Georgia. … First of all, Georgia is so attractive to many International students because it is a very Safe country, with cheap cost of living when compared to other European countries, and a Low tuition fees in the universities in Georgia.

Do they speak English in Georgia?

One may say, that nowadays, everyone knows international language, but it’s partly true. Almost every second adult, the new generation of Georgia knows speaking English fluently, but the older ones- not a single word. … It is one of the oldest languages in the whole world.

Is there Indians in Georgia?

As of July 2016, around 2,000 Indian citizens reside in Georgia, almost half of whom are students at the Tbilisi State Medical University. About 200 citizens are employed by Indian companies involved in the infrastructure sector in Georgia, while others are businessmen, agricultural farmers and workers.

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Why do Indians go to MBBS for Georgia?

This mainly happened due to the tension between Ukraine and Russia. Hence, studying MBBS in Georgia is preferred by students over other countries. HIGH-QUALITY EDUCATION: Universities in Georgia offer significantly better education as compared to private medical schools in India.

Is Georgia expensive for Indian?

India is 19.3% cheaper than Georgia.

How can I go to Georgia from India?

There are no direct flights from India to Georgia. The capital city, Tbilisi, is all about luxury. If you do not mind splurging, you can stay in one of the sophisticated hotels here, with tariffs starting at approx. INR 11,000.

Is ielts compulsory for Georgia?

The Embassy of Georgia in India has raised the requirements for issuing D3 student visa to Indian students. As per the new set of guidelines, Indian students who are willing to study MBBS or other courses in Georgia are required to submit their IELTS/TOEFL certification along with their visa application.

Can student work in Georgia?

Student Jobs in Georgia

Foreign students can seek employment and work part-time alongside their studies. However, they must bear in mind that it is a tedious process albeit rewarding eventually.

Is Georgia a safe country to study?

Georgia is a very safe country for travellers with one of the lowest crime levels in Europe. The local government strives to protect and ensure the safety and security of its citizens and institutions within the borders of the country, recognized by the global community.