How is St Xaviers College Mumbai Quora?

Is there ragging in St Xaviers Mumbai?

St Xavier’s College: Has an anti-ragging committee of staff members and senior students, and a mentor programme.

Is attendance compulsory in St Xaviers College Mumbai?

ANSWER (1) Yes, you have to maintain a minimum of 75 percent attendance.

Is St Xavier’s expensive?

No, compared to other reputed colleges in Mumbai, St. Xavier’s College Mumbai is a affordable college. The yearly fees is not more than 8000 rupees (depending upon the courses). So, if you are planning for this college.

What is the hostel fees of St Xaviers Mumbai?

There are only 60 beds in the hostel in which 2 people are alloted in one room. The hostel fee is around 10k per month. But you can also stay in pg , apartments and other hostels also.

Is there ragging in Presidency University?

Ragging is a cognizable offense and Presidency University will take strict action against offenders.

Does Xavier’s have prom?

january 27 was the unofficial but well-attended st xavier’s college prom nite. … no rules were broken — it was an unofficial prom organised by the students outside the college’s jurisdiction — but there was blatant nonchalance to authority.

Does Xaviers college have uniform?

St Xavier’s College

Dresses and skirts that fall below the knee are allowed, but not pants that don’t go up till the feet. “The dress code is non-negotiable,” says Trinette D’Souza, an FYJC science student. “You’ll find people on campus all dressed in jeans, loose T-shirts or kurtas and slippers.

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Does St Xaviers offer BAF?

St Xaviers College offers Bachelor of Business Administration, which is considered as one of the best programme in state. It is a three years duration course and comprised of total six semesters.