How many coins of 50 paise will be there in 5 rupees?

How many 50 paise coins are there in?

10. We know that 1 Rupees is equal to 100 paise. There are 20 coins of 50 paise and 10 rupees.

How many 50 paise coins can make two rupees?

Answer:Ideally, two.

How many 10 paise coins will make 5 rupees?

Step-by-step explanation:

There are five 20 p coin in one rupee. So, 20 p is one-fifth part of one rupee. Number of 10 p coin in one rupee = 100 ÷ 10 = 10 Ten 10 p coin will make one rupee. So 10 is one-tenth part of one rupee.

How do you get 50 p?

One at a time, he puts in 5p, 5p, 10p, 10p, then 20p to make 50p. After each coin is put in, he adds up the total so far. Encourage the children to keep a record of the coins that are placed in the machine. Check that the total of the coins is 50p.

What fraction of rs1 is 50 paise?

In Rs 1 there is 100 paise So, the fraction will be =50100 =2.

How many rupees are there in 5 paise?

Therefore, in decimals 5 paise = Rs. 0.05.

How many 20 paise coins will make 5 rupees?

∴ Rs 1 comprises of five 20 paise coins. Thus, twenty five 20 paise will make five rupees.

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