How many national highways are there in India?

How many national highways are there in India Class 10?

India has 142,126 km of national highways (as of April 2019) and consists of around 2.7% of India’s total road network and 40% of the total road traffic and there are over 200 national highways in India. 1.

How many national highways are there?


State / Union Territory NHIDCL Total Length as on 31.03.2019 (km)
Jammu & Kashmir 436 2,423
Jharkhand 3,367
Karnataka 7,335
Kerala 1,782

What is the new name of NH 1?

The Grand Trunk Road or National Highway Number 1 will now be a part of the country’s longest stretch of primary route rechristened as National Highway 44 , according to a fresh government notification that also gives the states the new names for all the highways.

What are national highways give 10 national highways list?


NH No Route Total Length
9 Pune – Solapur – Hyderabad-Suryapet-Vijayawada – Machillipatnam 841 km (523 mi)
10 Delhi – Rohtak – Hissar – Fatehabad – Sirsa – Fazilka – Indo-Pak Border 403 km (250 mi)
11 Agra – Jaipur – Bikaner 582 km (362 mi)
11A Manoharpur – Dausa – Lalsot – Kothum 145 km (90 mi)
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What are national highways for Class 10?

National Highways: National Highways link extreme parts of the country. Construction and maintenance of national highways is the responsibility of CPWD (Central Public Works Department). State Highways: Roads linking a state capital with different district headquarters are known as State Highways.

What is National Highway 2 called?

The name of NH-2 (National Highway 2) of India is Grand Trunk Road.

How many roads are in India?

India has 142,126 km (88,313 mi) of National Highways as of April 2019.

National Highway classification (as of 31 March 2016)

Lanes Length (km) Length share
Four-lane/six-lane/eight-lane 24,705 24.46%
Total 136,440 100%

How is NH numbered?

For all the national highways from North to South, even numbers are used and it is assigned from East to West in the ascending order. In other words, for high longitudes, lower numbers and for lower longitudes high numbers are assigned. As, NH-2 is located in North Eastern States and NH-68 is located in Rajasthan. 2.