How many tolls are there from Mumbai to Goa?

How is the road from Mumbai to Goa?

The road is simple, smooth, and straight with a four-lane road all throughout. But, you would be troubled by paying taxes at the numerous toll booths that come along your way. Starting on the Mumbai Pune expressway for 94.1 km on the six-lane expressway, one would reach Pune in three hours.

How much are tolls in India?

The extensive network of 480+ toll roads in India crosses its 23 states and union territories. Most of them are owned by the NHAI (National Highway Authority of India) while some are entrusted with the private concessionaires to maintain and collect tolls.

Which is best part of Goa?

The 11 Best Cities & Beach Towns in Goa for Tourists

  • Candolim and Calangute – 36-37km from the airport. …
  • Baga Beach and Baga River (Arpora) – About 40km from the airport. …
  • Anjuna and Vagator – About 44km from the airport. …
  • Farther North – 51-58km from the airport. …
  • Panaji (Panjim) …
  • Old Goa.

Is it safe to drive to Goa from Mumbai?

The roads from Mumbai to Goa for most of the year are pretty safe. However, you would want to avoid driving in the monsoon because of landslides you’ll come across on the way. Get enough rest before the journey, you would also want to make a few stops along the way as the journey is quite a long one.

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How many tolls from Mumbai to Lonavala?

Distance from Mumbai to Lonavala by road is 83 KM; travel duration /time required is 1 hour 43 mins. There are total 1 number of Toll Gates/Plaza between Mumbai to Lonavala and total toll cost will be Rs 0.

How do I calculate tolls?

Get a tag or a pass

  1. Roads and Maritime Services E-Toll tag and pass. Phone: 131 865. or visit
  2. Roam e-TAG and e-PASS. Phone: 13 TOLL (138 655) or visit
  3. Transurban Linkt Tag and Sydney Pass. Phone: 13 76 26. or visit
  4. E-way (tag only) Phone: 1300 555 833. or visit

How many tolls are in Maharashtra?

Maharashtra toll roads

Toll Plaza Name NH No. Section of Highway
Kasurdi (MoRTH) 9 Pune Solapur Road NH-9 (Km 14.000 to 40.000)
Kawdipath (MoRTH) 9 Pune Solapur Road NH-9 in stretch Km 14/00 to 40/00 (total 26 Km.)
Kharegaon (MoRTH) 3 Km 539.500 (Vadape) to Km 563.000 ( Majiwade-Thane)
Khedshivapur 4 Pune – Satara

Can Google Maps calculate tolls?

Can Google Maps calculate tolls? No, Google Maps cannot calculate tolls.