How much is Volvo bus pass in Bangalore?

How can I get monthly bus pass in Bangalore?

Process flow (with ideal number of days indicated for each process)

  1. Carry a stamp size photo of yours.
  2. Go to Majestic Bus stand(It is also possible to get this done from Shantinagar from 1st to 6th of every month)
  3. Go to the bus pass counter, pay 1450 (For monthly pass) + 100 (for BMTC identity card)

How many types of bus passes are there?

Daily bus pass – Rs 150 / day. Monthly bus pass – Rs 2500/month. What is the MAXIMUM number of travel days per month for which purchasing a daily pass would be MORE economical than purchasing a monthly pass?

How can I get bus pass online in Bangalore?

Type: PU Board – Apply Directly through e-Form of BMTC

  1. Dial 161 in mobile.
  2. Select Kannada or English language.
  3. Select 6 for BMTC services.
  4. Select 2 for Student passes.
  5. Student pass application will be sent to the student’s mobile through weblink.
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What is the cost of BMTC bus?

For ordinary BMTC buses, the fare is 90 paise per km and for Vajra AC buses, it is Rs 2.1-2.2 per km. While taxi travel costs Rs 18 to Rs 54 per km, Namma Metro fare is Rs 2.5-Rs 3 per km. Though bus fares of other corporations, including KSRTC, were hiked by 12% in February 2020, BMTC users were spared.

How can I get my monthly pass for BMTC Volvo?

Monthly Pass( BMTC ID)

These passes are issued through BMTC bus stand counters , Franchisee counters, 86 Bangalore one centers and with BMTC bus Conductors. Carrying of BMTC ID cards is a must for validating BMTC Monthly passes.

What is the fare of BMTC bus in Bangalore?

BMTC Bus Fare

Fare Stage Number Adult Senior Citizen
1 5.00 4.00
2 9.00 7.00
3 12.00 9.00
4 15.00 11.00

How much does it cost for a bus pass?

How much does it cost?

Type Fare
1-Day Pass $7
7-Day Pass $25
LIFE 7-Day Pass (low-income) $19
30-Day Pass $100

What is a monthly pass?

Monthly pass – allows unlimited rides for an entire month. Since months vary in length, the discount for the use of such a pass varies each month. Some networks allow the pass to be used for a specified 30-day or 31-day period that does not necessarily have to start on the first of the month.

Do bus passes work everywhere?

People who live in Greater London can use their passes on buses, the Tube and some overground train services. Passes issued outside Greater London are valid only on London buses. So, unless you pay, you will be denied the pleasure of travelling underground in temperatures that would make it illegal to transport cattle.

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Is BMTC bus pass extended?

Passes that expire on March 31 will be extended until December 31. The pass must be renewed within this period. The decision was taken at a meeting of the Student’s Travel Facility Committee chaired by ADM KK Divakaran. As the colleges open on October 4, new passes will be issued until March 31, 2022.

How can I get bus pass in Karnataka?

Monthly Pass

** These passes are issued at all bus stations. The Monthly passes are valid for travel along with Identity card issued by KSRTC. ** Photo-Identity cards valid for one year are issued by KSRTC by collecting Rs. 50/- per card.

What is the full form of BMTC?

Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) is a government agency that operates the public transport bus service in Bengaluru, India.

How many buses are there in Bangalore?

Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) buses are the primary mode of public transport in Bangalore. As of September 2019, BMTC operates a fleet of 6023 buses and has a daily ridership of 35.8 lakh. A majority of BMTC’s bus routes originate or terminate at either Kempegowda Bus Station or K. R. Market.

How do I get my Bmtc annual pass?

How to get BMTC Passes and BMTC ID:

  1. Go inside the main lobby at BMTC Majestic bus station (at Platform 1, where the Volvos stop)
  2. Go to the “Information Help Desk” and ask for the ID application form.
  3. Fill up the application form and paste your photo in the space provided.