How was tea introduced India?

When did India start growing tea?

Origin of our teas

Tea was introduced to India by the British in the nineteenth century, to overcome the monopoly of Chinese production. The first area to be planted was the mountain region surrounding the city of Darjeeling, perched on the Himalayan foothills, in the 1850s.

Did the British steal tea?

But drug dealing proved to be an expensive headache, and so, in 1848, Britain embarked on the biggest botanical heist in history, as well as one of the biggest thefts of intellectual property to date: stealing Chinese tea plants, as well as Chinese tea-processing expertise, in order to create a tea industry in India.

Why is India called a country of tea?

Assam is known as ‘tea country’ and India is known as a country of tea. – The largest concentration of tea plantation takes place in the north-eastern state of India, Assam. – Tea and coffee both are cultivated in India at a larger scale. – Most of the tea grown in Assam is exported throughout the world.

What is the origin of tea and how did it become famous worldwide?

It is said that tea was discovered in China. There was a Chinese emperor who always boiled water before drinking it. … When the emperor drank it, he found it had a delicious flavour. They came to be known as tea leaves.

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