Is Indian driving license valid in Melbourne Australia?

Can I drive in Melbourne with Indian license?

Provided it is valid, you can drive using your overseas licence when you first arrive in Victoria. If you are planning on staying and driving for more than 6 months in Victoria, you will need to convert your overseas licence to a Victorian licence within this time, even if you have an international driving permit.

Can I drive on Indian license in Victoria?

If you are an interstate or overseas licence holder, you can continue to drive on your licence if you have not already been unsuccessful on a drive test. If you were in Victoria prior to 29 October 2019: you now have until 29 April 2021 to convert your licence to a Victorian one.

How can I transfer my Indian driving licence to Australian?

Process to convert Indian Licence in to Australian Licence:

  1. Pass DKT (Driving knowledge Test) It is computer based exam. …
  2. You must hold Lerner’s licence for 12 months and complete 120 hours driving practice and record all timing in the log book.
  3. Pass the driving test and you will get Red P.

Is international license valid in Melbourne?

An International Driving Permit is a translation of a driver licence. It has no validity on its own, so it needs to be accompanied by a current driver licence.

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Is my Indian driving Licence valid in Australia?

Yes, absolutely. As long as you have a full Indian Driver’s license, you can drive in Australia until you get your permanent residency. Once you get your PR, you have three months to convert your Indian driving license into an Australian license.

Is Indian DL valid in Australia?

(Left Lane) While you can freely drive around in Australia with a valid Indian driving license, the Northern Territory debars Indian tourists from doing so. And although you get permit to drive on a valid license, you can only get around in the class of vehicles stated in the license.

Do I need a Victorian license?

If you want to keep driving in Victoria after this six month period, you must get a Victorian driver’s licence. You may be required to undertake some tests to receive a Victorian licence. Find out more about overseas licences .

How can I verify my Indian license in Australia?

If you want your past driving experience under your Indian drivers licence to be recognised in Australia, you must also apply for the Indian Drivers Licence Verification through VFS. Visit the VFS website for the latest IDLV Checklist.

How do I renew my Indian driving Licence in Australia?

If you are an Indian citizen driving overseas on an IDP which has expired, all you need to now do is approach High Commission of India at Canberra or one of the consulates at Sydney, Melbourne or Perth and apply for the IDP renewal. People in Australia must stay at least 1.5 meters away from others.

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