Is it safe to drive from Delhi to Auli?

Is it safe to travel Auli by car?

There are a few rockfall zone where you need to drive cautiously, specially during monsoon. The road from Joshimath to Auli is slightly narrow but in good condition. You can self drive to Auli as well. However during peak winter season of Dec End to January End, when it snows heavily the road gets blocked.

How can I go to Auli from Delhi by car?

Below are the simple steps to reach Auli from Delhi via Kotdwar. Try to leave Delhi at night so that you can save the next day to reach Auli in the daytime. Go to ISBT Kashmiri Gate New Delhi & get a Kotdwar bus at around 9-11 pm so you can reach Kotdwar in the early morning.

Is Joshimath safe?

Joshimath is safe for solo female travellers. It is a small and closely-knit town and not very risky. We only suggest that all rules be duly followed and women do not travel alone at night, especially while coming from Rishikesh or Dehradun. We also suggest you come from Rishikesh.

How many days are enough for Auli?

if not skiing, then 2 or 3 days will be good enough for auli. If you have more days then can plan for chopta also.

Is Auli safe for children?

Auli is safe for the kids, as of today, the connecting roads are by and large okay.

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