Question: Which of the following is not shared by Hinduism Buddhism and Jainism?

Which of the following is not shared by Hinduism and Buddhism?

the belief in reincarnation is the concepts is NOT shared by Hinduism and Buddhism.

Which concept is not shared by Jainism and Buddhism?

Jains believe in the existence of an eternal Jiva (soul), whereas Buddhism denies the concept of self (jiva) or soul (atman), proposing the concept of no-self (anatta) instead. The Anekantavada doctrine is another key difference between Jainism and Buddhism.

How different is Buddhism and Hinduism from Jainism?

While the Buddha was the founder of Buddhism, Mahavira did not found Jainism. … While most Hindus believe in a god (or goddess) that is the creator, preserver, and destroyer of the universe, Jainism rejects any such god (or goddess).

What are the differences between Hinduism and Buddhism?

Buddhism and Hinduism agree on karma, dharma, moksha and reincarnation. They are different in that Buddhism rejects the priests of Hinduism, the formal rituals, and the caste system. Buddha urged people to seek enlightenment through meditation.

What do Jainism and Buddhism have in common?

Similarities between Jainism and Buddhism

Both religions believe in faith and Karma. Both of them are non-theistic religions. They both had a common background associated with the Aryan Culture. … Both the leaders in their religion preached Satya, Ahimsa, Brahmacharya, and detachment from the materialistic world.

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Why Jainism is not popular as Buddhism?

It had many strict laws that were very hard to follow. They did not have orders or many places to live unlike BUDDHISM which had many places to live. They could not step into a water body unless it was for the cause of death. The Jainism monks did not promote their religion to a good extent whereas Buddhism did.

Is Jainism and Hinduism same?

Jainism and Hinduism are two ancient Indian religions. There are some similarities and differences between the two religions. Temples, gods, rituals, fasts and other religious components of Jainism are different from those of Hinduism. … Followers of the path shown by the Jinas are called Jains.