Quick Answer: Is India Arie married and have children?

Is India Arie related to Ashford and Simpson?

India Arie is talented as hell but Ashford and Simpson are her parents. Arie was born in Denver, Colorado. She absorbed musical skills early in life as she was encouraged by both parents.

Who is India Arie’s father?

Who is India Arie’s mother?

Does India Arie write her own songs?

The singer became loved for her musicality and ability to combine singing with live instruments. Arie’s famous for writing her own music, which is something she prides herself on. She’s also known for her activism in ensuring there are positive images of black life.

Is India Arie Ralph Sampson’s daughter?

India Arie Simpson, daughter of ABA-NBA great Ralph Simpson (not Sampson) turns 41 today.

Who is Ralph Simpson’s daughter?

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