Quick Answer: Who are the top 5 of Indian Idol 2018?

Who are the top 5 of Indian Idol 2020?

Indian Idol 2020 Finalists

Sr No. Contestant Name Status
3 Pawandeep Rajan WINNER
4 Arunita Kanjilal 1st Runner-up
5 Shanmukha Priya 5th Runner-up
6 Mohd Danish 3rd Runner-up

Who are the winners of Indian Idol 2018?


Season Year Winner
IIJ S2 2015 Ananya Nanda
9 2016–17 L. V. Revanth
10 2018 Salman Ali
11 2019 Sunny Hindustani

Who were the top 5 of Indian Idol season 10?

Salman Ali wins Indian Idol 10; Zero stars Shah Rukh, Katrina, Anushka shake a leg with finalists. Indian Idol 10 was won by Salman Ali. Ankush Bharadwaj and Neelanjana were declared as runners-up.

Is Neha Kakkar win Indian Idol?

Neha, who has been judging the show for the past few seasons, won’t appear on the grand finale episode of Indian Idol 12. The singer appeared as a judge till May 2021, after which the seat was taken up by her sister and singer Sonu Kakkar. Now it has been learned that Neha will not be a part of the finale too.

Who won Indian Idol season 6?

Who won Indian Idol 10?

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