Quick Answer: Who is the richest teenager in India?

Who is the richest youngster in India?

BharatPe co-founder Shashvat Nakrani, 23, is the youngest self-made individual to feature in this year’s IIFL Wealth Hurun India Rich List. Shashvat Nakrani is an alumnus of IIT Delhi and is co-founder of fintech player BharatPe along with Ashneer Grover and Bhavik Koladiya.

Who is the youngest richest man in India?

The IIFL Wealth Hurun India Rich List has revealed the top 100 wealthiest people in the country. The youngest person to feature in the list is a 23-year old Shashvat Nakrani who founded the payment app BharatPe in his third year of college.

Who is the richest teenager right now?

Valentina Pinault: $7.1 Billion

At 13, Valentina Pinault is the richest teen on this list if not the world — although her net worth is based on her parents’ net worth. Not only is she the daughter of actress Salma Hayek, but her dad is Francois-Henri Pinault — a literal billionaire.

Who is the richest female in India?

Six women entrepreneurs have made it to the Forbes list of 100 richest people in India. Savitri Jindal of the OP Jindal Group is the richest woman on the list with a total wealth of $18 billion (roughly ₹ 13.46 lakh crore), a jump of over $13 billion (nearly ₹ 9.72 lakh crore) in just the past year.

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Is Ritesh Agarwal a billionaire?

Ritesh Agarwal (born 16 November 1993) is an Indian entrepreneur and the Founder and CEO of OYO Rooms. He is known as the second youngest billionaire in 2021 in India. However, Agarwal is not on either Forbes or Business Insider billionaires list.

Ritesh Agarwal
Title Group CEO OF OYO
Awards Thiel Fellowship

How much is Nithin Kamath worth?

Nithin Kamath: Rich List | Kamath worth Rs 26K cr!

Who is the richest child actor?

45 Richest Child Stars of All Time

  • Alyssa Milano: $10 Million. …
  • Sean Astin: $10 Million. …
  • Dakota Fanning: $12 Million. …
  • Anna Paquin: $14 Million. …
  • Christina Ricci: $18 Million. …
  • Eliza Dushku: $20 Million. …
  • Elijah Wood: $20 Million. …
  • Judy Garland (Deceased): $20 Million.

Who is the richest rapper?

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Rank Name Net Worth
1 Kanye West $1.8 Billion
2 Jay Z $1.4 Billion
3 Sean Combs – Diddy $885 Million
4 Sean Combs – Diddy $825 Million