What are the demerits of education system in India?

What are the demerits of education?

Educational disadvantage is demonstrated in many ways, most often in poor levels of participation and achievement in the formal education system. There are other ways in which children may be disadvantaged, for example as a result of a disability, literacy difficulties, ill health, poverty etc.

What were the demerits of modern system of education introduced in India?

Drawbacks of the modern system:

The major drawback of the prevailing system of education is that it is not easily affordable. Today in India more than 37% people are living below poverty line. So they can’t afford education even at primary level.

What problems does the Indian education system face?

Ans. Some of the challenges faced in the progress of education in India are lack of capital, mass illiteracy, brain drain, wastage of resources, outdated syllabus, etc.

What are disadvantaged students?

Disadvantaged students are those whose family, social, or economic circumstances hinder their ability to learn at school.

What are the merits and demerits of modern education?

In modern education, benefits are there such as knowledge is not limited to the books as students or learners are understanding the concepts practically. If disadvantages are asked, students or learners are not having required social interaction and there will be a decrease in the self-motivation.

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What are the drawbacks of India?

Top 5 disadvantages of being an Indian

  • Indians often labelled as “TAXI- DRIVERS/CURRY-MUNCHERS” in most of the countries.
  • Hard to find accommodation in some countries.
  • Often get racism from different races.
  • Indians often get the impression of poor and poverty stricken people.

What were the demerits of education system in British period?

1. It was limited to particular class and didn’t attracted the common masses. 2. It created a gulf or gap between the educated and uneducated as the former had usually adopted the western life-style.

What are the disadvantages of traditional education?

Disadvantages of traditional education

  • Schedule stiffness: There’s no flexibility to create a personal calendar in order to combine studies and personal or work life.
  • Higher costs not only of money but also of time: as previously mentioned, commuting demands an economic expense.

What are the weakness of traditional education?

One disadvantage of traditional education is the tendency of teachers to exhibit favoritism towards students. Though this is typically because of performance, it can also be from students “sucking up” to teachers, lending them an unfair advantage over others who spilled blood and tears just to get a passing C.

What are the disadvantages of Gurukul system of education?

Advantages: The gurukul method helps to develop the physical, mental and spiritual development of the students. They learn the basic rules of humanity and equality. Disadvantages: They could not know much about the outside world and there are no standard syllabus, examination and evaluation methods.