What are the milk products in India?

How many milk products are there in India?

India has the world’s largest dairy herd with over 300 million bovines, producing over 187 million tonnes of milk.


Method Products
Lactic acid fermentation Dahi, shrikhand, lassi
Fermented milk coagulation Chhena, paneer, whey
Heat condensation Kheer, khoa, rabri, malai

What are 5 products made from milk?

The dairy industry processes raw milk into an array of products including butter, cheese, cream, yogurt, ghee, condensed milk, dried milk, ice cream, etc. and produces various by-products including buttermilk, whey, ghee, and skim milk.

How many types of milk products are there?

Types of Milk

Class of milk (1) Designation (2) Locality (3)
Full Cream Milk Pasteurised and sterilized All India
Mixed Milk Raw, pasteurised, boiled, flavoured and sterilised All India
Recombined Milk Pasteurised, flavoured and sterilized All India
Skimmed Milk Raw, boiled, pasteurised, flavoured and sterilized. All India

Which milk product is best?

The 7 Healthiest Milks, According to a Dietitian

  1. Cow’s Milk. Cow’s milk is the original milk, if you will. …
  2. Soy Milk. If you’re looking to go plant-based, soy milk is a popular milk alternative. …
  3. Almond Milk. …
  4. Coconut Milk. …
  5. Oat Milk. …
  6. Hemp Milk. …
  7. Rice Milk.

What are dairy products Class 6?

Answer: The products that are obtained from milk are called dairy products. Butter, cheese, cream, curd and yoghurt are examples of dairy products.

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How do you make milk products?

Heat full-fat milk to just about boiling, take off the heat, and add your acid of choice. Curds will form. Allow to cool, then strain through cheesecloth and devour. If you use heavy cream in this process, you will be rewarded with a mascarpone-style cheese.