What are the occupations in India?

What is India’s main occupation?

India is a country with Agriculture as the major occupation. More than half the population of India is engaged in primary activities like agriculture.

What are the most common occupations in India?

What Are the Most Popular Jobs In India This Year?

  1. Sales Managers. Sales managers are responsible for sales teams. …
  2. Speech-Language Pathologist. …
  3. Physical Therapists. …
  4. Medical and Health Services. …
  5. Web Developers. …
  6. Network Administrator.

How many occupations are there in India?

According to researchers, India has a variety of 250 career options available across 40 domains covering 5,000 job types.

What was a major occupation?

There the most important and significant occupation followed is sheep rearing, hunting, and gathering. Sheep rearing is the most important occupation of the people. Other major occupations include dairy farming and mining. … Other major occupations include Dairy farming and mining.

What is the main occupation in our country?

Agriculture is the ‘main occupation’ of our country. Explanation: In our country, ‘two-third’ of the population is ‘dependent on agriculture’ in form or the other. It is the ‘main source’ of livelihood for the people of India.

How many types of occupations are there?

Occupation is a broad term that describes a field of career interest. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistic divides occupations into 23 categories that include different work situations and offer jobs, careers and professions.

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How many occupations are there?

List of over 12,000 Careers.