What does Anya mean in Indian?

Is Anya a Hindi name?

In Sanskrit and Hindi, Anya means “inexhaustibility” or “other; another person”. In Hungarian, Anya means “mother”.

Does the name Anya mean?

The name Anya is primarily a female name of Russian origin that means Gracious, Merciful.

Is Anya name Lucky?

It has multiple Islamic meaning. The name is originated from Hindi. The lucky number of Anya name is 6.

Anya Name Meaning.

Name Anya
Religion Hindu
Lucky Days Tuesday, Thursday
Lucky Colors Red, Violet
Lucky Stones Ruby

What is Anya Sanskrit?

anya॑ (n. anyad) another, other, else, different from (abl.). — anyachcha and something else, i.e. further, again. anya (or eka)—anya the one—the other.

What does Anya mean in Korean?

Aniyo: This is probably the most general ‘no’ in Korean and can pretty much be used anywhere. It’s a FORMAL AND POLITE way of saying no; you don’t say it to people your age. Example: Dad: Did you wash the dishes? You: Aniyo, I forgot.

How old is the name Anya?

Anya first appeared on the U.S. female naming charts in 1980, although she would fall on and off the charts at barely detectable levels until the 21st century. In the past 10+ years, Anya has climbed in popularity going from relative obscurity to light-moderate usage.

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What does Anya mean in Chinese?

anya : to press, to pu… : àn yā | Definition | Mandarin Chinese Pinyin English Dictionary | Yabla Chinese.

What is the lucky Colour of Anya?

Personality details of name Anya

Ruling Planet Mercury
Negative Traits Egoistic and Moody
Lucky Colours Light brown and light green
Lucky Days Wednesday and Friday
Lucky Stones Green Emerald