What does Bangalore’s heirloom look like?

What does Bangalore heirloom look like?

The Bangalore heirloom is a nifty little serrated Pilot’s knife that bends halfway up, looking as much like a multi-functional utility tool as a vicious weapon for the Professional Soldier.

How did Bangalore get her knife?

Wraith discovers Bangalore’s heirloom knife, which she took from a downed pilot, and wants to see if it may hold any information about her past or Bangalore’s brother Jackson. … “You are not taking anything else from me,” Bangalore tells Wraith.

Is Bangalore’s heirloom a data knife?

Bangalore asks Wraith to grab the jump jets from her locker, but Wraith instead comes back with Bangalore’s Heirloom, which is a pilot’s knife she took from someone else. … Pilots often were equipped with a knife, usually a Data Knife, which is capable of hacking computers and stealing intel.

Is Loba getting an heirloom?

As for the legends currently without an heirloom, they include Wattson, Crypto, Loba, Rampart, Horizon and Valk. Many community members have discussed what they would like to see come next season and what heirloom would suit each legend best.

Do heirlooms in Apex do more damage?

Too Much Witt, too little damage. Rampart’s walls in Apex Legends can serve as a tool to fortify a position and fend off enemies, especially if they have an heirloom set.

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