What is meant by joint Hindu family business?

What are the examples of joint Hindu family business?

There are several joint Hindu Family Business examples in India, which include Reliance Industries Limited and Mahindra and Mahindra Limited. All business dealings within a joint family business in India are regulated by the Hindu Law, and not the Partnership Act, which controls other business models.

Why is joint Hindu family business important?

Increased loyalty and cooperation : In a Joint Hindu Family Business, chances of great coordination among the members are more because they all belong to the same family. Hence, chances of loyalty towards business are more as compared to other forms of organisations.

What do you mean by joint Hindu family explain two features?

Joint Hindu family firm is an organization which is carried on by the members of a joint hindu family. It is governed by the Hindu Succession Act, 2005. It is controlled by the head of the family known as the karta and the other family members are known as the co-parceners.

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What are the joint Hindu family business in India?

Joint Hindu family business is a specific form of business organisation found only in India. It is one of the oldest forms of business organisation in the country. It refers to a form of organisation wherein the business is owned and carried on by the members of the Hindu Undivided Family (HUF).

Who is Karta in the joint Hindu family business?

(b) The joint Hindu family business is controlled by the head of the family who is the eldest member and is called Karta. The karta has unlimited liability while the liability of all other members is limited to their share of co-parcenery property of the business.

Who controls the joint Hindu family business?

The head of the joint hindu family business is known as Karta. Karta is usually the senior most male member of the joint family and he has the power to control the whole business.

How is profit distributed in joint Hindu family business?

In Joint Hindu Family Business, distribution of profit is equal in all members. Capital is contributed by large financial resources. Ancestral property can be transferred to create a capital in joint Hindu Family Business.

What do you understand by joint Hindu family business explain its merits and demerits?

Easy to Start: -Joint Hindu Family business is very easy to form. It comes into existence as per Hindu law. … Secrecy: -Karta of the Joint Hindu family business is the manager of the business himself and all the family members are co-parceners of the business, so the secrecy of the business remains with the family.

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What is joint family system in business environment?

It is a co-operative institution. Similar to a joint stock company, in which there is a joint property. The head of the family is like trustee who manages the property of the family for the material and spiritual welfare of the family members. The total earnings of all the family members are pooled together.

What is joint family explain its characteristics?

The most important characteristic of joint family is that it is large in size. Because it consists of members of three to four generations. It includes parents, grandparents, children grand children and other close blood relatives. Several nuclear families live together as one and constitute a joint family.