What is the British East India Company quizlet?

What did the British East India Company do quizlet?

What was the role of the British East India Company in India? It operated trading posts in India and employed Indian soldiers; they almost acted like a nation within India – they had an army, government, legal system, etc. … They traded cotton, silk, indigo, saltpeter (chemical used in gun powder), and tea.

What was the main purpose of the British East India Company?

The East India Company was initially created in 1600 to serve as a trading body for English merchants, specifically to participate in the East Indian spice trade. It later added such items as cotton, silk, indigo, saltpeter, tea, and opium to its wares and also participated in the slave trade.

What was the main goal of the British East India Company quizlet?

What was the main goal of the British East India company? The main goal was to make money.

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What were the three main goals of the East India Company?

The most important goals of the East India Company were to spread British influence and power, establishing a trading post in the region, and bring the trade goods back to England to benefit the British investors.

What role did the British East India Company have in India until 1857 quizlet?

What role did the british east india company have in india until 1857? It ruled India under under the name of Great Britain. The role was to control trade between Britain, India, and east India. What effect did British rule have on the development of Indian nationalism?

What are the two objectives of the East India Company to permanently rule in India?

The East India Company had two major objectives first to acquire exclusive rights to trade from and to India and second to somehow take over the financial resources of the country.

Why was the East India Company so successful?

By the royal charter, the English East India Company was granted the monopoly of trade in Asia. … The low salaries were compensated by opportunities of trade allowed to factors in their private capacity. The Company acted to protect the private trading interests of its employees.

How did the British take advantage of Indian divisions?

The British took advantage of Indian divisions by encouraging competition. If the competition did not work Britain used their military to overpower rulers. What was the main goal of the East India Company in India?

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What was the reason for the Sepoy Rebellion?

The immediate cause for the revolt was the introduction of the new Enfield rifle to the British Indian Army. To load it, the sepoys had to bite off the ends of greased cartridges that held the gunpowder for the rifle.

How did it change the company’s administration in India?

The two main administrative changes brought in the British government about regarding the East India company’s rule in India are: i) The Board of Management of the Company and the Court of Directors have been abolished. All their authority was transferred to a cabinet minister, known as India’s secretary of state.