What is the first processor in India?

What is the name of Indian processor?

SHAKTI – Microprocessor & Microcontroller

General information
Designed by Indian Institute of Technology, Madras
Common manufacturer(s) Intel Semi-Conductor Laboratory
Architecture and classification
Application SoC, development boards, based software platform, IOT

Is any processor made in India?

AJIT is the first ever processor to be made from scratch in India. Every phase of the processor’s development, from its design to production, took place in India. A few months back, India also unveiled its first-ever RISC-V based processor called Shakti.

Is Intel a Chinese company?

Intel Corporation is an American multinational corporation and technology company headquartered in Santa Clara, California.

Is Shakti better than Intel?

The comparison of Shakti with Intel is unfair because Intel uses Von Neumann architecture whereas Shakti has Harvard architecture. In Von Neumann architecture there is only one pipe to pass instruction and data whereas Harvard architecture uses two pipes. Shakti could be comparable with ARM’s own Cortex A55.

What is the latest microprocessor?

Intel’s latest and sixth-generation chip is called the Pentium Pro. All Intel microprocessors are backward compatible, which means that they can run programs written for a less powerful processor.

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