Where do India export tea?

Which countries import tea from India?

Between April-October 2019, major importers of Indian tea were Iran (US$ 122.33 million), CIS (US$ 80.74), USA (US$ 33.46 million), UK (US$ 26.73 million), UAE (US$ 19.76 million) and China (US$ 17.39 million).

Does India import or export tea?

In January-June of 2020, the country had imported 4.41 million kg of tea. While tea imports in India are meant for re-exports, a large chunk of these imported teas are being blended with Indian teas and are being sold in the domestic market as Indian teas at a cheaper price, said industry insiders.

Does India export tea to UK?

Indian tea exporters to the UK like McLeod Russel and Goodricke have converted at least 50 per cent of their trade to the dollar, yet an immediate impact of 7-8 per cent on price realisation is likely. … The group exports 100,000 kg of tea annually to the UK.

Who exports tea to Pakistan?

The fastest growing export markets for Tea of Pakistan between 2018 and 2019 were Netherlands ($2.5M), Saudi Arabia ($235k), and Kyrgyzstan ($224k). Imports In 2019, Pakistan imported $601M in Tea, becoming the 1st largest importer of Tea in the world.

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Does Pakistan import tea from India?

Uncertainty over payments amid growing tensions between the two sides has led to a drop of over 50 per cent in India’s tea exports to Pakistan — to only 3.14 million kg — so far this calendar year. Pakistan is the world’s biggest tea importer after Russia in value terms.

What countries import tea?

Leading tea importing countries worldwide in 2020 (in million U.S. dollars)

Characteristic Trade value in million U.S. dollars
Pakistan 589.76
United States 473.83
United Kingdom 348.69
China, Hong Kong SAR 221.82

Does India import tea?

Despite being the world leader in black tea production, India saw import of cheap teas from Kenya, Nepal and other destinations shooting up to 12.16 million kg in the first six months of 2021, more than three-fourths of the full-year imports of 15.86 million kg in 2019, a pre-Covid-19 pandemic year.

Does India export tea to China?

Total tea export stood at US$ 830.90 million in FY19 and US$ 826.47 million in FY20. India stands fourth in terms of tea export after Kenya (including neighbouring African countries), China and Sri Lanka. As of 2019, India was the second largest tea producer in the world with production of 1,339.70 million kgs.

Can I export tea from India?

All those who desires for registration with TEA BOARD for Export of Tea (Apply for Exporter Licence) /Distributor of Imported Tea in India (Apply for Distributors Licence) / Renewal of Exporter Licence (Apply for renewal of Exporter Licence) permanent Exporter Licence (Apply for permanent Exporter Licence) may submit …

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Which country is India main rival in tea export?

India’s main rival in tea export is Sri Lanka .