Where was the movie Hotel Mumbai made?

Is Hotel Mumbai a real story?

Hotel Mumbai is based on the true story of the 26/11 terrorist attack at Taj Mahal Palace hotel in Mumbai, in 2008. “The film for me is about the unlikely heroes of this hotel. The beauty of this story is that those staff of the hotel to whom you may not even give a second look, brings out their humanity,” Dev said.

Does Arjun hotel live in Mumbai?

According to Hotel Mumbai director Anthony Maras, Patel’s Arjun is actually based on more than one real person who lived through the Mumbai attacks. “It was based on two main real people that have been interviewed,” Maras tells Refinery29.

Is Zahra a real person in Hotel Mumbai?

All three are fictionalized, although, like Arjun, many of their traits and actions are based on those of real people. According to Maras, Zahra and David’s characters are an amalgam of two different real couples caught in the attacks.

How does Hotel Mumbai end?

Arjun returns home and reunites with his own family. The closing text reveals that after three days, the police caught and killed 11 of the 12 terrorists. The mastermind of the plan remains at large to this day. Of the 31 people killed at the Taj, half were staff that stayed behind to help the guests.

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Which characters in Hotel Mumbai are real?

It’s curious that the only real life character is that of chef Hemant Oberoi, played by Anupam Kher. Oberoi is one of the heroes of this piece, supported by a fictitious hotel staff member called Arjun, played by Dev Patel.