Which Indian state has no railway station?

Which Indian state has no railway line?

As of November 2014 Meghalaya was the only state which had no railway line, people had to go to Guwahati, the nearest railway station, but in November 2014 in Mendipathar, first railway station of Meghalaya was given the green flag.

Which state of India has only railway station?

Navapur: Navapur, a Taluka Headquarter in Nandurbar district of Maharashtra, has a unique railway station that does not belong to just one state. While one part of Navapur Railway Station is located in Maharashtra, the other part is in Gujarat.

Which district in Kerala has no railway line?

Munnar is one of the first places to have a railway line in the country. Ironically, the hill station and the Idukki the district to which it belongs do not have rail connection even today.

Does Nagaland have railway line?

The Dhansiri–Zubza Line is a single-track railroad between the two major cities of Nagaland, India : Dimapur and Kohima. The line starts from Dhansiri junction near Dimapur railway station to Kohima Zubza Railway Station.

Which Indian state has maximum rail routes?

In India, the largest route kilometers are in Uttar Pradesh with 8726 kilometers.

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