Which is one of the greenest city of India?

How is Chandigarh the greenest city?

The capital city has a forest and tree cover of 35.5% in its 114-sq km area. According to the latest findings of the Forest Department, Chandigarh has become the greenest city in the country. … The tree cover saved Chandigarh from becoming an all-concrete jungle, a fate that has overcome many Indian towns.

Which is the plant city of India?

Bangalore. Bangalore or Bengaluru is the the capital of the Indian state of Karnataka, The city also known as “The Garden City”. The fastest growing city of India is blessed with a pleasant climate, scenic gardens, beautiful parks and natural lakes.

Which state is greenest state in India?

The correct answer is Mizoram. The northeast is considered the greenest region of India. Important Points – Mizoram: According to the Forest Survey of India 2020, the state of Mizoram has more than 90% of its area covered under forests.

Which city is known as Red City?

Pink City or Red City, Jaipur– The city is called the “Pink City” or “Red City” because of the color of the stone entirely used for the construction of all the structures. Because pink symbolises as the color of hospitality, Maharaja Ram Singh of Jaipur painted the whole city pink to welcome the guests.

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