Which state in India is the most urbanized Brainly?

Is the most urbanized state of India answer?

Top 10 Urbanized States of India

Rank State Total Population
1 Delhi 16,787,941
2 Chandigarh 1,055,450
3 Lakshadweep 64,473

Which is the most urbanised city in India?


Rank UA Population (2011)
1 Mumbai 18,394,912
2 Delhi 16,349,831
3 Kolkata 14,057,991
4 Chennai 8,653,521

Is the most urbanized state of India a Himachal Pradesh?

Top 10 Least Urban States of India

Rank State Urban Pop (%)
1 Himachal Pradesh 10.03
2 Bihar 11.29
3 Assam 14.10

Which state in India is the second most urbanized?

The second most urbanized state in India is Kerala. > The urban population makes up 47.7% of the total population of Kerala.

Which is the most urbanized state in India 2011?

Tamil Nadu tops the list of urbanised states with 48.45% of its population living in urban areas , followed by Kerala, Maharashtra and Gujarat.

Which is the most Industrialised and Urbanised state in India?

These are the 5 most industrialised states in India

  1. Tamil Nadu. The southern state is leading the chart of the most industrialised states with at least 37, 378 factories till 2013-2014. …
  2. Maharashtra. …
  3. Gujarat. …
  4. Uttar Pradesh. …
  5. Andhra Pradesh.
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Is the most urbanized state of India Himachal Pradesh Mizoram Goa up?

Explanation: Among States, Goa is now the most urbanised State with 62.2 percent urban population, a significant increase since 2001 when urban population of Goa was 49.8%.

How Urbanised is India?

Based on Census data, about one-third of India is often thought of as urban. However, census classification as urban requires at least 75% of the adult male workforce to be in non-farm employment and has a relatively high bar (in international comparison) for population density.

Which state has most cities in India?

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Map of Top 10 Highest Number of Towns.

Rank States No. of Towns
1 Tamil Nadu 832
2 Uttar Pradesh 704
3 Madhya Pradesh 394
4 Maharashtra 378