Who advocated the English language in India?

Who was the promoter of English language in India?

Mahatma Gandhi was the promotor of English language. 2. William Jones had a respect for ancient cultures.

Who introduced English in India and why?

Complete answer: The English Education Act 1835 was the Council of India’s statutory act, which gave effect to a decision by Lord William Bentinck, then Governor-General of the British East India Company, in 1835, to reallocate funds that the British Parliament needed to spend on education and literature in India.

Who did promotion of English education?

Question 4: Why did James Mill and Thomas Macaulay think that European education was essential in India?

NCERT Solution.

Column A Column B
(a) William Jones (1) Promotion of English education
(b) Rabindranath Tagore (2) Respect for ancient cultures
(c) Thomas Macaulay (3) Gurus
(d) Mahatma Gandhi (4) Learning in a natural environment

Who was the promoter of English language class 8?

(a) James Mill was a severe critic of the Orientalists. (b) The 1854 Despatch on education was in favour of English being introduced as a medium of higher education in India.


William Jones respect for ancient cultures
Mahatma Gandhi critical of English education
Pathshalas gurus
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Who was an English official who had deep respect for the Indian culture?

Explanation: William Jones had a deep respect for ancient cultures, both Indian and Western. He felt that this would not only help the British learn from the Indian culture but would also help Indians rediscover their own heritage.

How did English come to India?

The English language was introduced to India in the 17th century when English businessmen came to the country as traders. Even after the British rule was over in the middle of the 20th century, English remained in use in India.

Who introduced English education in India Mcq?

Explanation: Sir Charles Wood’s Despatch on Education, 1854 is considered as the Magna Carta of English Education in India. It declared that the aim of the Government’s educational policy was the teaching of Western Education. The three universities of Calcutta, Madras and Bombay came into existence in 1857.