Who is the largest producer of groundnut in India?

What is the largest producer of groundnut?

As of 2019, China was the largest producer of peanuts worldwide, holding an estimated 36 percent share of global production. India ranked second that year, producing about 14 percent of the world’s peanuts.

Who is the largest producer of groundnut in India Class 10?

Gujarat is the leading producer of groundnut in India.

Which state in India is the second largest producer of groundnut?

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Sr No. State Production
1 Gujarat 4,645.52
2 Rajasthan 1,619.33
3 Tamil Nadu 1,033.00
4 Andhra Pradesh 848.79

Where is groundnut produced in India?

Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat States share about 28 and 24 per cent of the total groundnut area respectively in the country. Tamil Nadu and Karnataka share about 15 per cent each of the total cultivated area. About 8 per cent of the total groundnut area is in the State of Maharashtra.

Which is the best groundnut in India?

10 Best Groundnut Oils in India

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Pure & Sure Organic Ground Nut Oil, 1L Rs. 380 Buy Now
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