Who named Mumbai Bombay?

What was Bombay called before the British?

The Portuguese gave the islands various names but they eventually came to be known as Bombaim (or good bay). In 1661, Bombay was made over to the British as part of Catherine of Braganza’s dowry when she married Charles II of England.

Why was Calcutta renamed Kolkata?

Although the city’s name has always been pronounced Kolkata or Kôlikata in Bengali, the anglicised form Calcutta was the official name until 2001, when it was changed to Kolkata in order to match Bengali pronunciation.

What is Bom Bahia?

Mum·bai. (mŭm′bī′) Formerly Bom·bay (bŏm-bā′) A city of west-central India, on a coastal island on the Arabian Sea. The capital of the state of Maharashtra, Mumbai is India’s largest city and a major port and commercial center.

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