Who was the first female graduate of Calcutta University?

Who was the first woman to get admission in Calcutta Medical College?

29 June 1883 was another landmark day in the history of Medical College. On that day Kadambini Ganguly, a Bengali Brahmo became the first woman admitted in this institution. In 1884 Government offered scholarships of Rs 20 per month to all female students.

Who was the first MD of Calcutta University?

The first chancellor and vice-chancellor of the Calcutta University were Governor General Lord Canning and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Sir William Colvile, respectively.

Who founded Calcutta University?

Who is the first male doctor in India?

Born into a Vaidya family, he studied Ayurvedic medicine at the Sanskrit College and progressed to teacher.

Madhusudan Gupta.

Pandit Madhusudan Gupta
Occupation Doctor
Known for First human dissection in India under Western medicine
Medical career

Who started university in India?

Founders of Indian Universities, Institutions and Colleges

College/ University Founded year Founded by
Vishwa Bharti University, Kolkata 1921 Rabindranath Tagore
Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi 1920 Mohammad Ali Jouhar Hakim Ajmal Khan
Aligarh Muslim University 1875 Syed Ahmad Khan
Kalakshetra, Chennai 1936 Rukmini Devi Arundale
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