Why did Indian nationalists such as Mohandas Gandhi support the British war effort?

Why did Gandhi support the British in World war?

He had been almost alone among Indian leaders who had argued for unconditional support to Britain in her hour of need in the hope of a worthy gesture at the end of he war. He felt that he had received stone for bread. He had done his best to keep out of political agitation during the war.

Why did Gandhi want Indians to participate in the war?

More broadly it was hoped that the need for men during the war would provide the opportunity to recapture martiality and martial traditions among non-martial Indians.

Why did India support Britain in ww2?

The famine could have been prevented had large-scale exports of food from India not been sent to war theatres and had aid arrived in time. World War II also became an opportunity for armed resistance to British rule in India, spearheaded by the charismatic Subhas Chandra Bose.

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Did Gandhi support British in World war?

They served the very British Empire that was oppressing their own people back home. Mahatma Gandhi, who returned to his homeland for good from South Africa in January 1915, supported the war, as he had supported the British in the Boer War.

Why did the Indian nationalist leaders decide to support the war effort first world war of the British government in the beginning?

In the hope that Britain would repay India’s loyalty by taking it further on the road to self-government.

Did Gandhi support World War?

Since Gandhi participated in the South African wars albeit as a non-combatant he admits himself to have supported war. Even more directly by attempting to raise troops in 1918 to fight in the British army in the Great War he did help the war effort.

How did India negotiate independence from Britain?

Gandhi-Irwin Pact 1931: The First Round Table Conference had failed. The British Government decided to step down for a compromise with Gandhi. … This pact placed the Congress on an equal footing with the British Government on the Negotiations table for the first time; paving the path for India’s Independence.

How does Gandhi support his choice of the first action to take against the evils of British rule?

In 1930, Mohandas “Mahatma” Gandhi used the principles of civil disobedience and nonviolence to protest the unjust control of India by Britain by arranging a Salt March to display the unfair British monopoly on salt.

What would be the reason for and against supporting the British in World War 2?

India supported Britain during World War 2 because the most of the powerful Congress leaders at the time thought this move would help get India Independence.

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Why were the Indian soldiers of British army filled with distrust?

Answer: The brutality of the war resulted in a climate of fear and distrust. The British no longer recruited sepoys from high caste Hindus in Bengal. Instead, the groups that proved their loyalty during the rebellion—such as the Sikhs from the Punjab—were given preferential access to the Indian Army.