You asked: Which state is the largest producer of spices in India 2019?

Which state is famous for spices in India?

Andhra Pradesh is the largest spice producing state in India. Gujarat, Karnataka, Rajasthan, Tamilnadu, Assam, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Orissa, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal are the other major spices producing states in India.

Which is the spice capital of India?

Kerala is known as the spice capital of India, Here is the list of Indian spices found and grown in Kerala, especially in Kozhikode, the City of Spices of Kerala.

Which is the largest spice in India?

The largest produced spice in India is Chillies, followed by Turmeric and Garlic. India is the largest producer of Red Dry chilly in the world.

India’s Spices Production.

Spice Area Production
Chillies 779 1270
Garlic 166 831
Turmeric 181 821
Ginger 109 380

Which city is famous for spices in India?

Kerala is known as the spice garden of India as it has a variety of spices and is world-famous for it. The major locations where these spices are cultivated in Kerala are- Idukki and Wayanad.

Which state is first in spices?

With an estimated production volume of over three million metric tons, the state of Madhya Pradesh was the largest producer of spices across India in 2021. Rajasthan and Gujarat were the other major producers that year.

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Characteristic Production in thousand metric tons
Kerala 153.75

What is king of spice?

Black Pepper is considered the ‘king of spices’ and rightfully so. Unlike its perennial companion, salt, which is easily available in any nook and corner of the world, the black pepper owes its origins to Kerala – a state in South India.

Which state in south India is popular for spices?

Kerala is known for an abundance of seafood, coconut and spices. It’s a south Indian state where vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes are over heat with a mesmerizing taste of spices.

Which state is largest producer of turmeric?

Andhra Pradesh is the leading turmeric producing state in the country. Andhra Pradesh occupies 40 per cent of total turmeric in the country followed by Odisha and Tamil Nadu occupying 17 per cent and 13 per cent of total turmeric area respectively.

Which city is known as gold capital of India?


Thrissur Trichur, Thrissivaperur
Vehicle registration KL-08
Coastline 54 kilometres (34 mi)
Literacy 97.24%
Importance Gold capital of India, Cultural capital of Kerala