You asked: Who wrote the book the history of India when was it published?

Who published the book The History of India?

London, W. H. Allen, publishers to the India Office.

When did Indian history begin?

For the purposes of this article, the term Ancient India refers to that period of Indian history which began in the early 3rd millennium BCE, when a literate, city-based culture first emerged, to the end of the brilliant Gupta empire, just after 500 CE.

Who wrote Oxford History of India?

How did the British historians wrote history of India?

Solution: British historians in India wrote about the Governor Generals and Viceroys who ruled India. Their History books contained the activities, policies and achievements of the Governor Generals and nothing more. All the recorded events with specific dates were linked to the lives of these Governor Generals.

Who wrote the first comprehensive history of India Class 8?

Henry Beveridge wrote the first comprehensive history of India, a set of 3 volumes, dealing with the history of English colonization in India. It reviews the early history of India, up to the time of British East India Company colonizing the country and the subsequent revolution.

Who was James Mill name the book written by him Class 8?

The name of the three-volume work on Indian history written by James Mill is ‘A History of British India‘, and it was published in 1817.

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