Your question: Is Nivar cyclone going to hit Chennai?

Will Nivar cyclone reach Chennai?

Meanwhile, the weather bureau has said the wind speed in Chennai could be up to 90 to 100 kmph. Nivar cyclone is expected to make landfall in midnight with wind speed of 120-130 kmph gusting at 145 kmph speed. Visuals of water-logging in parts of Chennai due to heavy rainfall ahead of Cyclone Nivar’s landfall.

Is there a cyclone in Chennai 2020?

Published: Thursday 26 November 2020

The whole of Chennai remained in a shutdown mode as Cyclone Nivar made a late-night landfall near Puducherry November 25, 2020. Ferocious wind and incessant rains cut through the city, causing flooding in several parts and in the outskirts.

Where is cyclone Nivar right now?

The storm now lies about 50 km east-southeast of Cuddalore, about 40 km east southeast of Puducherry and about 115km south of Chennai. The centre of Cyclone Nivar will cross the coast near Puducherry within next three hours with a windspeed of 120-130 kmph, IMD added.

Where is the Nivar cyclone now?

Very severe cyclonic storm Nivar now lies about 50 km east-southeast of Cuddalore, about 40 km east southeast of Puducherry. Landfall process commences. Centre of Nivar Cyclone to cross coast near Puducherry within next 3 hours, IMD said.

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Is there any cyclone after Nivar?

New Delhi: Less than a week after Cyclone Nivar battered Tamil Nadu, another storm is expected to affect the southern state, the India Meteorological Department (IMD) said on Monday. The cyclone will cross the Sri Lanka coast on December 2 and will bring heavy rain over Tamil Nadu and Kerala, it said.

Is another cyclone coming after Nivar?

After Nivar, another cyclonic circulation is brewing in the Bay of Bengal due to which extremely heavy rain is expected around December 2 and 3 over South Tamil Nadu and Puducherry, the IMD has said.

Is there any cyclone in Tamil Nadu?

Cyclone Nivar weakens into cyclonic storm over Tamil Nadu coast. Very severe cyclonic storm Nivar made landfall near Puducherry in the wee hours of today even as heavy rains lashed Tamil Nadu and the union territory leading to inundation and uprooting of trees.

Was the recent cyclone that hit the city of Chennai?

The cyclone killed 24 people in the state, and caused ₹22,573 crore (US$3.35 billion) in damage. Vardah crossed the eastern coast of India close to Chennai in the afternoon hours of 12 December 2016. Winds were estimated at 65 mph (105 km/h) during landfall.