Your question: Which is the longest marine drive in India?

Where is the longest Marine Drive?

Bangladesh. Cox Bazar-Tekhnaf Marine Drive, world’s longest marine drive road.

How much long is Marine Drive?

Located in South Mumbai, the stretch of 4.3 km long boulevard, the Marine Drive is one of the major hangout spots in the city.

Who built Marine Drive Mumbai?

Marine Drive is a 3.6-kilometre-long Promenade along the Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Road in Mumbai, India. The road and promenade were constructed by Pallonji Mistry.

Marine Drive, Mumbai.

Marine Drive Queen’s Necklace
District Mumbai City
City Mumbai
• Type Municipal Corporation

Who built Gateway of India?

Is Marine Drive open at night?

Can I go to Marine Drive at night? Yes, definitely. In fact it is better and suggested to visit Marine Drive at night as the place looks even more beautiful. You can also visit other prominent places such as Worli Sea Face, Carter Road and others.

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