Best answer: At what rank does India stand in the world in respect of number of flowering plants?

What percentage does India has in the world in respect of number of flowering plants 1 point?

There are about 15,000 flowering plants in India, which account for 6 per cent in the world’s total number of flowering plants.

How much percentage of world’s plant species are found in India?

India is one of 17 mega-biodiverse countries in the world. With only 2.4 percent of the earth’s land area, it accounts for 7-8 percent of the world’s recorded species.

What is India’s rank in diversity?

India ranks seventh amongst the diversified countries in the world. The geographical location of India enriches India with 7-8 percent of the world’s diversity.

Who is the number one flower of India?

Indian Lotus – कमल

Nelumbo nucifera is the national flower of India and also the state flower of several Indian states.

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What rank India stand in 25 most plant rich countries of the world?

‘India ranks 10th in world in plant diversity’

Why is India considered as megadiverse nation?

India is considered a mega-diversity hotspot due to the great diversity of organisms found here, ranging from eastern to western ghats to northern and southern India as well. … To be a mega diverse country it needs to have 5000 vascular plants species as endemic to the country.

How India stands in the world in terms of biological diversity?

India stands in the twelve rank in terms of biological diversity in the world. It has about 47000 of plant species. It occupies tenth place in the world and fourth in Asia in regard to plant diversity.It has about 89,000 of animal species and rich variety of animals.

How many percent of Indian plants are endemic to the country?

Thus, about 33% is the approximate percentage of endemic flowering plants in India.

Which plant is only found in India?

Rare Native Plants Of India

Rare Native Plants of India Scientific Name
Assam Catkin Yew Amentotaxus assamica
Malabar Lily Chlorophytum malabaricum
Musli Chlorophytum tuberosum
Skeleton Fern Psilotum nudum

Which rank does India hold at global level in terms of wildlife diversity?

India is the world’s 8th most biodiverse region with a 0.46 BioD score on diversity index, 102,718 species of fauna and 23.39% of the nation’s geographical area under forest and tree cover in 2020.

What is the status of plant biodiversity in India?

The number of plant species in India is estimated to be over 45,523 representing about 11.8 per cent of the world’s flora. These include over 17,500 flowering plants of which 4,950 species are endemic to the country.

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