Best answer: Who prints stamp paper in India?

Where are stamp papers printed?

1. India Security Press (Nasik Road)—Postal Material, Postal Stamps, Non-postal Stamps, Judicial and Non judicial Stamps, Cheques, Bonds, NSC (National Saving Certificates), Kisan Vikas Patra, Securities of State Governments, Public Sector Enterprise and Financial Corporations. 2.

Is stamp paper legal in India?

The only restriction for a stamp paper is prescribed under section 54 of the Indian Stamp Act. Section 54 provides that an allowance for stamp paper, which is not spoilt or rendered useless or unfit but is not in the immediate use of its purchaser, may be sought for by the purchaser within six months of its purchase.

Where can I get stamp papers in India?

for executing the said documents in States across India. Stamp paper can be purchased by visiting and purchasing stamp paper from any licensed stamp vendor. You can also buy eStamp or traditional stamp papers online with

What is the Commission on stamp paper?

Twenty-two states of India offer e-stamping facility for example state of Punjab pays SHCIL a commission at the rate of 0.65% (i.e. 65 paise for every Rs. 100/-) of the value of stamp duty collected through this mechanism.

Can we print e-stamp?

Ans – No, Delhi’s e-Stamp Paper can be generated only by the Authorized Agents of the Government. People cannot print/generate by themselves. To get the one they have to approach to the Authorized Vendors OR Institutions.

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Can stamp paper be refunded?

As per Section 54 of the Indian Stamp Act, if you do not have any immediate use of a stamp paper, then you can deposit it back to the collector within six months from the date of purchase and take back your money as a refund after deduction of 10 paise per rupee.

What is the value of 10 RS stamp paper?

First of all any agreement is valid on stamp paper of rupees fifty . Agreement on rupees ten is not valid. Rupees ten stamp paper is for affidavits and declarations only.

What if stamp paper is lost?

The first step is to visit the nearest police station and file a first information report (FIR). The FIR needs to mention that the papers are lost. A copy of the FIR should be taken by the owner and preserved for future reference.