Can I park my car at Delhi airport for 2 days?

Can we keep car in airport for 2 days?

Parking your car for a period of up to two hours will set you back by Rs. 100, beyond which you’d be charged Rs. 50 per additional 2-hour period. One-day parking costs Rs.

P4 Parking Fees.

Time Period Parking Fare
One day Rs. 500
Every additional day Rs. 300

Can I park my car at the airport for a week?

But did you know that you actually can leave your car parked at the airport for a week, or even for months at a time? So yes, you definitely can because most airports offer long-term parking to cater to the needs of travelers.

Can we leave our car at the airport?

Can you leave your car at the airport? The short answer is yes, you can leave your car at the airport, since most airports have long term parking. … Generally, it’s cheaper to park at an off-airport lot than at the airport itself, but not always.

Is it safe to park car at Hyderabad airport for 2 days?

Hyderabad Airport also has parking facilities for Passenger-Coaches and Buses. The fare is around Rs. 200 for first 2 hours, and Rs. 100 per hour after that, up to a maximum rate of Rs.

Parking Charges at Hyderabad International Airport for 2-Wheeler.

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Time period Parking Fare
24-hour parking Rs.100

Is there parking at kempegowda International Airport?

At Kempegowda International Airport Bengaluru, parking zones are laid out keeping in mind passenger ease and convenience. All parking zones are located between 100 to 200 meters from the passenger terminal building, at a short, walking distance.

What are the parking charges at Delhi airport?


Duration Car Parking Rates (Rs.) Two Wheeler Parking Rates (Rs.)
30 mins – 1 hour 150 40
1 hour – 2 hours 230 40
Every Subsequent Hour upto 4 hours 100 20
After 4 hours up to 24 hours 500 300

Can we park car in Raipur airport for 2 days?

Parking at the Swami Vivekananda International Airport (Raipur Airport) is convenient and safe. There are 538 motor vehicle parking spaces available in Raipur Airport. … The parking rate beyond 7 hours up to 24 hours will be 300% of first two hour’s rate and every 24 hours or part thereof.

Can we park car in Cochin airport for 2 days?

Anyone can park in the airport parking and it costs Rs. 150/ day (24Hrs). You need to pay in advance for the total duration and collect the receipt.

How long can a car be parked without moving?

If your vehicle isn’t moved within 72 hours, an officer or employee of the police department has the right to issue your vehicle a parking violation notice. There is also a vehicle code section that allows the officer or employee to have the vehicle towed and stored at the owner’s expense.

Can you let a car sit for 6 months?

Cars are designed to be driven, not to sit idle for months. When left unused, engine fluids start to break down, parts that aren’t getting lubricated begin to corrode, and even worse, animals may move in, chewing on anything they can reach.

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