Do Indonesians like Indian food?

Is Indian food popular in Indonesia?

Indonesian food is full of intense flavors, and at many regions, the cuisines are highly influenced by Indian flavors. That is why the people here find Indian cuisine very palatable. This is a major reason for the cropping up of many Indian restaurants in Indonesia.

Is Indonesian food like Indian?

This cuisine consists of adaptations of authentic dishes from India, as well as original creations inspired by the diverse food culture of Indonesia. Indian influence can be observed in Indonesia as early as the 4th century.

Which country likes most Indian food?

Indian cuisine enjoys its presence across most of the sampled countries, but it is especially popular in United Kingdom, South Korea, Thailand, Japan, Germany, France and US.

Which Indian food is liked by foreigners?

I feel like having it again and again!” Dosa is a popular South Indian dish and is hugely loved by the foreigners around the world. Dosas are available in a huge variety. They are available in many foreign countries.

What is traditional Indonesian food?

Some popular Indonesian dishes such as nasi goreng, gado-gado, satay, and soto are ubiquitous in the country and are considered national dishes. … However, later in 2018, the same ministry has chosen 5 national dish of Indonesia; they are soto, rendang, satay, nasi goreng, and gado-gado.

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Do Japanese like Indian food?

Morimoto adds, “Japanese people are extremely fond of Indian food, especially the Indian curries. … However, there’s one thing to keep in mind if you’re going to be serving Morimoto a curry. “It should not be too spicy,” he says.

Which country is obsessed with India?

BBC poll 2017

Country polled Positive Negative
Nigeria 47 39
India 56 4
Greece 19 27
Global Average (India excluded) 37 39