Frequent question: Is Delhi International Airport and domestic airport same?

Does Delhi have 2 airports?

The New Delhi Airport has a total of two terminals handling domestic traffic. Terminal 1 is entirely dedicated to domestic flights with Terminal 1D for departures and Terminal 1C for arrivals. Terminal 3 handles the arrivals and departures of both domestic as well as international flights.

How do I get from domestic to international airport in Delhi?

Delhi Airport provides a complimentary shuttle bus service for passengers, every 20 minutes between both the domestic and international terminals. If you happen to miss your connecting flight, don’t panic. Contact the Airline staff present at the departure level in all terminals for guidance.

How do I know if my flight is international or domestic?

There is no difference between an international flight or a domestic flight on any US airline as far as check in and boarding goes. That is about it.

Are international airports international territory?

This is not universal. The laws governing the territory of “international zone” are still subject to the laws of the country where airport is located. The general answer to your question is no, there’s no special “international law area” – nothing like that.

What qualifies as international airport?

An international airport is an airport with customs and border control facilities enabling passengers to travel between countries. … International airports often also host domestic flights, which often help feed both passengers and cargo into international ones (and vice-versa).

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How many international flights does Delhi have?

How many international flights operate from New Delhi? 77 flights take off from New Delhi to international destinations.