Frequent question: Which is the biggest river in Chennai?

Which is the largest river in Chennai?

Adyar River

Length 26 mi (42 km)
Basin size 204 sq mi (530 km2)
• location Adyar, Chennai (Madras)

Which river flows in Chennai?

Adyar is one of the three rivers that flow through Chennai city. While Cooum and Adyar are so polluted that they are considered dead rivers, Kosasthalaiyar is comparatively less polluted.

Where is Kosasthalaiyar River located?

Kosasthalaiyar is 136-kilometre (85 mi) long and originates near Pallipattu in Thiruvallur district and drains into the Bay of Bengal. Its northern tributary Nagari river originates in Chitoor district of Andhra Pradesh and joins the main river in the backwaters of Poondi reservoir.

Which sea is there in Chennai?

Chennai, the capital of the state and an important commercial and industrial center in the country is located in the northern part of the coast with Kanniyakumari, forming the southern tip where Indian Ocean, Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea meet.

Which is largest river in Tamil Nadu?

List of Rivers in Tamil Nadu

Sr. No. Name Length
1 Kaveri River 765 km
2 Palar River 348 km
3 Thamirabarani River 125 km
4 Vaigai River 258 km

What is main river of Tamil Nadu?

The main river of the state is Cauvery, flows into Tamil Nadu from adjoining Karnataka where it flows for about one-third of the total length. The other rivers are Adyar, Courtaliar, South Pennar, Periyar, Vaigai and Tampreparni.

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