Frequent question: Who is considered as the father of Indian press?

Who started press in India?

The first newspaper in India is credited to James Augustus Hickey, who launched The Bengal Gazette, also the Calcutta General Advertiser, in 1780. The paper lasted just two years before being seized by the British administration in 1782 for its outspoken criticism of the Raj.

Who is the father of newspaper?


Who is the father of modern Indian journalism?

The contribution of James Augustus Hickey, an Irishman, who laid the foundation and parameters of journalism in India through the columns of his weekly Bengal Gazette, the first Indian newspaper published from Kolkata Jan 29, 1779, was recalled by journalism students and senior scribes of the Taj city at a function.

Who is the father of Sunday newspaper?

William Cauldwell is the father of Sunday newspaper . He publish newspaper at New York. He was called Father of Sunday Journalism . He left his home at the age of 11 and start living with his uncle.

Who is the father of freedom of press?

James Augustus Hicky, also referred to as “father of Indian press”, a British citizen known for introducing first newspaper during the reign, and hence India’s press foundation was originally led by the British administration despite the self-censorship by the imperialism.

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