How can I be a part time Indian?

Why is part-time Indian banned?

2018. Delayed but ultimately approved in August 2017 for use in the curriculum at the Conejo Valley (CA) Unified School District Board because of board president’s objections to sexuality and profanity in the book.

How is Junior a part-time Indian?

(Junior) A young cartoonist and the narrator/protagonist of the novel. Junior is a 14-year-old Spokane Indian who decides to go to the mostly white high school in nearby Reardan, Washington in order to have better opportunities in life. His cartoons help him to make sense of his experiences on and off the reservation.

Why is Arnold a part-time Indian?

Arnold is angry that his family is poor and stuck in a cycle of poverty. He wants to do better for himself and his family, and even though going to a white school makes him feel like he is denying some part of his heritage, he knows it is the only chance he has.

Who is Junior’s best friend?

Rowdy, at least according to Junior, is Junior’s best friend. But Rowdy seldom expresses his emotions in words, and, whenever Junior tries to tell Rowdy how much he means to him, Rowdy usually responds with a homophobic slur.

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What is Junior’s real name?

The main character’s full name is Arnold Spirit, Junior. We really only get to know Arnold Spirit, Sr. through his eyes. Junior describes him as “dad.” Since he is the narrator, we can only know Arnold’s father through what he says and how he refers to the other characters.

Who beats up junior at the powwow?


Why does junior want the reardan?

He tells his parents that the kids at Reardan are ‘the smartest and most athletic kids anywhere,’ and that’s where he wants to be. He wants to be where he can hope for a better future and better opportunities in life; Junior knows that the only way he can achieve these goals is to venture out of his comfort zone.

Why does Mr P say rowdy likes to hurt people?

Why does Mr. P say Rowdy likes to hurt people? He said that Rowdy likes to hurt people so he can make them feel as bad as he does.

What makes Junior mothers cry?

At home, Junior’s mother is crying. … Junior’s mother says he was actually kind of ugly. Junior tells us that the Montana Indians are so tough that the white people are afraid of them. Junior feels a little inspired because he realizes his sister hasn’t given up; she’s actually following her dream.

What was Junior’s mother’s dream?

Junior believes that she may have gone to college and became a teacher if someone paid attention to her dreams. This is shown by the cartoon he drew of his parents on page 12. As a mom, she is honest with Junior.

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How did Junior’s parents meet?

How did Junior’s parents meet? Junior’s mother helped Junior’s dad get a drink at a water fountain. What did Junior refer to as a disease?