How many green field airports are there in India?

Where is Greenfield Airport India?

Kazi Nazrul Islam airport is in West Bengal. It is India’s first private Greenfield airport located in Durgapur-Andal region. The airport has been developed in collaboration with Changi International Airport, Singapore.

What is a greenfield airport in India?

A greenfield airport is an aviation facility with greenfield project characteristics. The designation reflects certain environmental qualities (using previously undeveloped or empty greenfield land, for example) and commissioning, planning and construction processes that are generally carried out from scratch.

Which airport is greenfield airport?

Pakyong Airport is a greenfield RCS airport at Pakyong town near Gangtok, the state capital of Sikkim, India. Spread over 201 acres (81 ha), the airport is located at Pakyong town about 31 km (22 mi) south of Gangtok.

Pakyong Airport
Airport type Public
Owner Government of India

How many airports are there in India in 2020?

As of June 2020, there were 153 airports across the country. Out of these 153 airports, 114 were used for domestic services only. These airports were either owned by the Airport Authority of India or by the respective states where they were located or privately or there was a joint venture.

How many Greenfield airports are there?

So far, six Greenfield airports namely, Shirdi in Maharashtra, Durgapur in West Bengal, Pakyong in Sikkim, Kannur in Kerala, Orvakal in Andhra Pradesh and Kalaburagi in Karnataka have been operationalized, the minister said.

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Which state has no airport in India?

Which state has no airport in India? The state of India that does not have an airport in Arunachal Pradesh. To reach the northeastern-most state of India, you can take a flight to Ujjalpur in Assam that will land at Lilabari Airport.

What Greenfield means?

The term greenfield refers to buildings constructed on fields that were, literally, green. The word green is also synonymous with the word new, which may allude to new construction projects by companies. … Building from scratch can bring more risk as well as higher costs.

What is Green airport?

ACI’s Green Airports Recognition programme promotes environmental best practices to minimize the aviation industry’s impact on the environment and recognizes ACI Asia-Pacific members for outstanding environmental initiatives and projects.